21st Century Teacher Leaders

General assumption about leadership is a role with specific responsibilities, without involving in the details of the project. But, in the teacher leadership it is totally different. Teacher leaders not even are responsible for every steps of learning process, they play an important role as a leader in order to collaborate, evaluate, and improve learning strategies. Understanding the student’s diversity in culture and ethnicities and counting this variety as an equivalent community is a significant role of a teacher leader. In The United States we have a chance to see a diversity of different people from around the world with different cultures and backgrounds. In school we almost have students from different countries who are supposed to be seen as an equal society and have access to same learning achievement. Being aware of their culture and needs on the other hand, improves our own ability to behave in the correct way with those have different definition of learning situation, and facilitates to develop specific learning strategies to obtain a high level of learning performance. Definitely, family`s involvement in learning process encourages students to take more serious actions regarding their learning achievement. The first step toward leadership in 21st century and enhancing learning performance is preparing a sense of change in teaching and learning culture. In some poor schools, where I am substituting, decision about who, when, and how long students can use technology tools are made by teachers. Using tech tool is usually as a prize for good behaving in the class. Even these students have a limited time to use tech tools, and in such hurry, they just try to have fun and play games instead of working on educational application. They almost forget learning purpose which is hidden behind that tech tool. Students with inappropriate behavior usually are not allowed to use technology tools, as a punishment. Such usage of technology is far from its actual purpose. The need of change in culture of school in order to integrate technology as a tool for learning not as a reward is the first step that should be taught to both teachers and students. Students need to have a conceptual understanding about it. Indeed, they should be familiar with the values of tech usage. I try to lead students to use technology as a tool for learning not just as a fun. Perhaps, enabling poor schools to have more access to the technology tools will help students to be more involved in this new revolutionary learning system. But, supporting school districts by relying solely on properties tax is not enough. The teaching culture also needs to be changed. Teachers should play new role as coaches and leaders in the class. The fact is that students are the center of the classroom not teachers, and they should study in the advanced way and be more self-correcting. In my own experience, I would try to monitor student’s outcomes and collaboration.

The ideal school has a strong culture of collaboration between peers either students and teachers. Certainly, collaborating and creating a professional network between educators around the nation can be one of the fundamental steps on the way to education growth and student`s learning improvement. Teachers as leaders can share their experiences to enhance their skills in different teaching situations. On the other hand, students as learners can share their experience in learning path to enhance their own and other student`s performance. In the best part, technology facilitates student`s chance to work and collaborate with peers regardless of their physical distances. This kind of activities are not possible without technology. In order to promote your collaboration skill, I recommend seeing the following link of these 14 points which are practical for teacher leadership:


I also found these videos very effective to observing the meaning of Teacher Leadership:






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