Issues Facing Education Community

There are many pressing issues that facing 21st century teachers and students. Some issues are related to home environment; such as families` economic difficulty, diversity in families from all races with different culture, language and religion, or uneducated families who are responsible for their children. There are some other issues that related to education system and school environment; like standardized tests, the lack of accessibility to new technology, traditional method of teaching, or old- style culture of schools. Nobody has ability to solve all of these issues, lonely. Teacher leaders also are not expected to solve all of them. But, for helping community to deal with these issues and go forward to reach its goals, it is necessary to look at each issue individually and discuss about it. Here, I, as an emerging teacher leader, will address some of those issues. We live in one of the biggest multicultural and Multilanguage country with diverse people from all over the world. It is challenging to deal with this variegation. We all know parents and schools both are responsible for students to provide a reliable environment for children around the nation to have access to an efficient learning performance. The best way to achieve this goal is building a bridge to fill the gap between school and home. One of the effective ways is collaborating parents with education community. Schools should communicate with families in some interactive ways. They should introduce school`s strength and needs, and ask families to participate in some ways to bring new ideas to enhance students learning achievement. It would be helpful if parents get more involved in learning process and collaborate with school staff and teachers because they know their kids better and can create the valuable relation to support students. But, parents need to feel comfortable and welcomed in schools, so it is educator’s responsibility to invite them to engage with school activities as volunteers. For example, there are many successful parents who can bring their experience in real life and share it with teachers and students. Well educated parents can support a significant part of student`s learning performance. By engaging parents and schools in learning activities, they can share their knowledge and provide supportive environment for students.

During the early childhood, children ask a lot of questions. They don’t know how to write and read. They don’t have standardized test, but they are curious to know more and more, and frequently they learn whatever they observe.  But, after entering school students ask less and less because they must follow the rules and instructions that may not be interesting for them. They have to memorize a lot of information that they even don’t know why should memorize them. Students face a lot of homework, tests, lessons, and mandatory waking up in early morning. Teacher leaders need to find the best way to make a trustful relationship and appropriate interactive with students. One of the reasons why “no child left behind” act (2002) was not successful is that it didn’t look at each individual student’s growth. Children are so smart, and teacher leaders should interact with each individual student to be more innovative and creative. As emerging teacher leaders, we should be aware of sign of any problem student may suffer. For this purpose, Parents can share the weakness and strength points of their kids with teachers. Teachers then know how to deal with each individual student. Finally, in order to have a successful teacher leadership in schools, teacher leaders should help to change the culture of schools and homes to understand and accept leadership importance and its influence on student`s achievement growth. With this rapid growth in technology, there are many families who are far behind of the 21st century leadership. Teacher leaders need to educate parents by inviting them in some workshops to teach them how to use leadership strategies at home in proper ways. Parents as leaders should know that students are the center of learning process. Teacher leaders and parents need to share their concerns and opinions on the way to student’s success.







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